Helping kids build lifelong skills

ERfC's Aftershool Adventures program offers activities designed to help children develop lifelong skills. Our Afterschool Aventures programs center around physical fitness, art, writing, and science.

Afterschool Adventures provides a variety of enrichment and recreational opportunities designed to help children develop lifelong interests and skills. Students can enroll in sports, fitness and nutrition activities, design dioramas with clay, and discover the power and energy of science.

Afterschool Adventures will begin Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

Stay tuned for more information! Adventures may include:

Kidz Sports incorporates a variety activities that improve overall fitness, agility, teamwork, confidence, and most importantly FUN!

In Mad Science, students explore inertia, momentum, and gravity by launching race cars, spinning bike wheels, and launching catapults.

Stop-Motion Film teaches students the basics of animation. Using digital cameras, LEGOS, and clay, students create memorable movie magic.

Getting to Know YOU! helps students tell their story using a variety of mediums. They will craft a family sculpture using self-hardening clay, design a collage, and create a self-portrait using expressive colors.

"I" Contact teaches students to unplug and connect through a variety of cooperative games and team building activities.

Soar with STEM allows students curious about movement investigate the physics that take us places.

Acting Up is a bi-weekly adventure that exposes students to the fundamentals of acting. Students learn through exercises and movement the skills of characterization, improvisation, and memorization.

To learn more, watch the video below!