Helping kids build lifelong skills

ERfC's Afterschool Adventures program offers activities designed to help children develop lifelong skills. Our Afterschool Adventures programs center around physical fitness, art, writing, and science.

Afterschool Adventures will begin Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

Kidz Sports incorporates a variety activities that improve overall fitness, agility, teamwork, confidence, and most importantly FUN! Cost: $90

Stop-Motion Film teaches students the basics of animation. Using digital cameras, LEGOS, and clay, students create memorable movie magic. Cost: $90

Getting to Know YOU! helps students tell their story using a variety of mediums. They will craft a family sculpture using self-hardening clay, design a collage, and create a self-portrait using expressive colors. Cost: $90

Soar with STEM - The Science of YUCK! allows students to take a closer look at the science of all things gross and how we benefit from the yuck! Watch germs grow and make things that are gross! Cost: $90

Jumping Clay is an air-drying polymer clay that is 100% safe and non-toxic. Students explore the Arctic and Antarctic. Creating their own 3-D polar display including landscape, polar bears, penguins, and whales. Cost: $90

Soar with STEM - DIY Engineering makes science fun! Students tap into their inner MacGyver as they engineer do-it-yourself solutions to everyday problems. Learning to build projectors, holograms, robots, and simple circuitry. Cost: $90

Acting Up! is a bi-weekly adventure that exposes students to the fundamentals of acting. Students learn through exercises and movement the skills of characterization, improvisation, and memorization. Cost: $120

See what Winter 2018 Adventures are being offered at your school in the matrix below!

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To learn more, watch the video below created by students in the JFK Digital Media Club!