July 5 - August 18, 2017
Hours: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Full Weekly Rate: $175.00
Multi-Week Signup: $170.00
Multi-Child Signup: $170.00
Both Multi-Week & Multi-Child: $165.00

Financial Assistance Rate: $70.00
Must qualify for Federal Free or Reduced Meal Program. This rate is only available to residents of Enfield.

Week 1 Rate: $110.00
Week 1 With Multi-week sign-up: $107.00
Week 1 Multi-child sign-up: $107.00
Week 1 Both Multi-child/week sign-up: $103.00
Week 1 Financial Assistance Rate: $50.00

We accept Care 4 Kids
Camp Scholarships Available
Call 860-253-9935 for more information


Before Camp: 7AM - 8AM
Rate: $25 per week

After Camp: 3PM - 6PM
Rate: $60.00 per week
$50.00 per week for mulit-child enrollment

No financial assistance available for Extended Day rates.
No bus transportation available for Extended Day.

Summer Escape Bus Schedule Information

We provide limited bus service for Enfield residents along Route 5 and Brainard Road only.

Bus Stop location and times.

Enfield Street School - 1318 Enfield Street (7:17 AM & 3:41 PM)
Alcorn School - 1010 Enfield Street (7:23 AM & 3:34 PM)
St. Adalbert Parish - 90 Alden Avenue ( 7:30 AM & 3:27 PM)
St. Martha Church & School - 214 Brainard Rd. (7:38 AM & 3:19 PM)

JFK After School Clubs 1

I give consent for ERfC to receive and Enfield Public Schools (EPS) to provide the following educational records: report cards, state and district assessments, and star testing. Such specific educational records may be disclosed for the purpose of ERfC providing educational support and assistance to my child, evaluating my child’s academic progress and improvement, and evaluating the impact of the program on student achievement. I also give my consent to ERfC to provide EPS with information obtained about my child(ren) such as ERfC center attendance, demographics, and support needs. I also understand and give consent for ERfC to discuss my child(ren)’s support needs with EPS teachers and/or other EPS officials. I further give my consent to ERfC to share these specify educational records within ERfC to provide educational support and assistance, and to provide these specific educational records to organizations that fund ERfC school-age centers for purposes of determining continued funding. By electronically signing this form, you consent to all of the above statements.

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