July 5 - August 18, 2017
Hours: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Full Weekly Rate: $175.00
Multi-Week Signup: $170.00
Multi-Child Signup: $170.00
Both Multi-Week & Multi-Child: $165.00

Financial Assistance Rate: $70.00
Must qualify for Federal Free or Reduced Meal Program. This rate is only available to residents of Enfield.

Week 1 Rate: $110.00
Week 1 With Multi-week sign-up: $107.00
Week 1 Multi-child sign-up: $107.00
Week 1 Both Multi-child/week sign-up: $103.00
Week 1 Financial Assistance Rate: $50.00

We accept Care 4 Kids
Camp Scholarships Available
Call 860-253-9935 for more information


Before Camp: 7AM - 8AM
Rate: $25 per week

After Camp: 3PM - 6PM
Rate: $60.00 per week
$50.00 per week for mulit-child enrollment

No financial assistance available for Extended Day rates.
No bus transportation available for Extended Day.

Summer Escape Bus Schedule Information

We provide limited bus service for Enfield residents along Route 5 and Brainard Road only.

Bus Stop location and times.

Enfield Street School - 1318 Enfield Street (7:17 AM & 3:41 PM)
Alcorn School - 1010 Enfield Street (7:23 AM & 3:34 PM)
St. Adalbert Parish - 90 Alden Avenue ( 7:30 AM & 3:27 PM)
St. Martha Church & School - 214 Brainard Rd. (7:38 AM & 3:19 PM)

A camp for kids entering grades 1 - 8 in September

Summer Escape Camp is loaded with exciting activities and adventures like Discover Works (science), Art Academy, Center Stage (performing arts), Junior Cooks, Digital Warriors (digital media), special guests, and more! No session would be complete without a weekly field trip to go swimming, building sand castles, and sand volleyball or ice skating at Twin Rinks in Enfield!

ABOUT COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS & GUIDELINES: For the safety of our students, staff, volunteers, and families, ERfC follows all the safety guidelines and mandates set by the State of CT, CDC, Enfield Public Schools, and the local Board of Health, for safe operation at all ERfC Centers. Face masks are mandatory and provided as needed. All staff and volunteers working directly with students are mandated to wear both masks and face shields. Temperatures are also taken daily. We supply all cleaning and sanitizing materials at all working locations.

Summer Escape is a seven-week day camp that is open daily from July through August, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Extended day hours are available beginning at 7:00 AM to the start of camp and the end of camp until 6:00 PM. Summer Escape is open to all children from Enfield and surrounding towns who are entering grade 1 to 8 in September. This year, Summer Escape Camp is located at Prudence Crandall Elementary School, 150 Brainard Road in Enfield.

Included with each weekly enrollment is:

  • Free Breakfast, lunch, and snacks
  • Limited morning and afternoon bus service available (along Route 5)
  • Field trips and special guests
  • Family Showcase every Friday
  • Fun activities all week long, including STEAM, sports, acting, and more!
  • End of Summer Family BBQ on the last day of camp
  • Fun, weekly themes. Weekly theme information is below registration! We accept Care 4 Kids! 

Participation in Summer Escape includes the following expectations of all children:

  • Follow staff directions and requests, and remain with their group/team at all times
  • Make their best effort to cooperate with other campers, staff members, and volunteers
  • Respect the property of the location, ERfC, and other campers
  • Safely wear a mask all day and frequently wash hands as directed by an ERfC staff member
  • Use the restroom facilities on their own and be able to recognize their own bathroom needs without prompting

Checklist for Summer Escape Enrollment:

We are all looking forward to being back together for Summer Escape Camp.  Every day is filled with science explorations, arts & crafts, dance, music, sports and games, theatre, cooking and digital media. No two days are alike! Check out our awesome theme weeks.

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Have you been part of an ERfC program over the last 5 years? Email mychild@erfc.us to register!

Summer 2021

This week we will celebrate all the amazing innovations and creations from America since the beginning. Let’s take a trip through the different eras of recorded sound and studio technology in Digital Warriors. Don’t miss your chance to learn some popular American dance moves in Center Stage and try some American created tasty treats in Junior Cooks. We’ll have so much fun during Innovation Celebration Week!

Special Guests & Events: Ice Skating at Twin Rinks, CRISKids, Lake Congamond Beach Trip, and Brainerd Park Fun!


(closed July 5)

Do you love to watch movies or would you rather read a book? You don’t have to choose this week at Summer Escape as we step off the yellow brick road! Come with us to explore the book versus the movie debate all week long! We will be reading popular books and comic books that have been made into movies. Jump into the role of a superhero, a princess or a villain and make your own mini movie in Digital Warriors, create your story in Art Academy, and cook famous recipes in Junior Cooks! Don’t miss your chance to become your favorite character to show off in the Friday Center Stage Performance!

Special Guests & Events: Ice Skating at Twin Rinks, CRISKids, Lake Congamond Beach Trip, and Brainerd Park Fun!


This week will be filled with remarkable animals all around the globe whether they live on land or in the sea. Bring your favorite animals to life through the illusion of digital animation and virtual reality in Digital Warriors. Learn all about your favorite animals and their traits in Discover Works. Don’t miss out on the chance to show your wild side!

Special Guests & Events: CRISKids, Lake Congamond Beach Trip, Brainerd Park Fun, and Forest Park Zoo on the Go visit!


Light the torch and lead the way through the halls of Summer Escape! Master Olympic sports from different countries such as handball and basketball during Get Up & Go. In Digital Warriors, you will code your way to gold status in the Sphero Robot Olympics. We can’t wait to see you show off your skills against Summer Escape Staff in the Friday Showcase, but first, make a snack triathlon in Junior Cooks that will keep you strong and energized. Accept this invitation to the Summer Escape Olympics and see which country comes out on top!

Special Guests & Events: Ice Skating at Twin Rinks, CRISKids, Lake Congamond Beach Trip, Brainerd Park Fun, and the Discovery Museum!


Think you have what it takes to find the hidden treasure around Summer Escape this week? Let’s find out… in Digital Warriors you will test your skills in geocaching, turn trash into treasure in Discover Works, and design your own hidden treasure map in Art Academy. This is a week you would be sorry to miss!

Special Guests & Events: CRISKids, North Thompsonville Fire Department Demo, Enfield Police K9 Demo, Enfield Ambulance Demo, Lake Congamond Beach Trip, Brainerd Park Fun, and The Children's Museum visit!


Are you a super investigator who loves puzzles and solving mysteries? If you think you are a pro, join us for this puzzling week! We need your expertise to get us out of the locked escape room in Digital Warriors, solve the mystery of “Who Did It” in Discover Works, and taste some mysterious recipes in Junior Cooks! We need you to come help us solve the mysteries,  See you there! Together let us celebrate all of the amazing things summer has to offer.

Special Guests & Events: Dance A'more lesson, CRISKids, Enfield Fire Department & Shaker Pines Fire Department activities, Lake Congamond Beach Trip, and Brainerd Park Fun!


This week, Discover Works will take you outside to see what is happening to the earth and Junior Cooks will show you how to make homemade ice cream to help you cool down. End the summer with a BBQ for the whole family! Enjoy all of your favorite summer activities, foods, and much more before the end of summer.

Special Guests & Events: Ice Skating at Twin Rinks, CRISKids, Lake Congamond Beach Trip, and Brainerd Park Fun!


More Detail Information about Summer Escape

Register Below!

Have you been part of an ERfC program over the last 5 years? Email mychild@erfc.us to register!

Additional Information About Activities

We make sure there is something for everyone! In Each week campers will be able to participate in a variety of activities including:


Campers join Mr. Evan to unlock their digital creativity and technological wizardry in Digital Warriors! Digital Warriors is where kids explore the digital media world of robotics, escape rooms, animation, GarageBand, videography, and more!


Campers get up and move with fun indoor and outdoor sports & games. Get Up & Go incorporates fitness, coordination/agility drills, and games every day!


Forget about the movies! Ms. Colleen takes campers through storybooks, bringing them to life with activities, games, and more. Campers also explore the world of audiobooks through our partnership with CRISKids. So many places to explore with books!


Campers will unlock a world of exploration in Discover Works! Kids will build a pirate ship, investigate the tools of the detective trade, and build their very own water rocket. There is so much to explore in these great engineering, science and technology activities!


In Junior Cooks, campers will prepare, cook, and try a variety of dishes from breakfast to dessert! Have you ever tried making treasure map sugar cookies, pizza pasta salad, or breadstick bones? Campers will learn new home made recipes to bring to the next cook out!


Not your ordinary arts and crafts! Art Academy gives campers the     opportunity to experience different art mediums such as painting, sculpting, and more while creating their own personalized works of    art to bring home and show off.


It takes a team to create a performance! Campers will work together to create performances that will include dancing, skits based on popular children movies, musical concerts, and much more. On Fridays, campers will entertain family and friends with their final performances!

Will my child be able to swim at Summer Escape?

Answer: Absolutely! On Thursdays, we travel to Southwick Town Beach at Lake Congamond in Massachusetts to swim, play in the sand and have beach volley ball games. We also will play water games throughout the week at Prudence Crandall School and Brainerd Park! 

What about lunch and snacks?

Answer: All children are provided a nutritious box lunch every day as part of their enrollment.  A menu will be posted here as soon as available. You may provide your own lunch but note that there is no refrigeration. Please do not pack soda or candy.

Can my student attend Summer Escape camp after Summer School?

Answer: Yes! We offer afternoon hours from 12PM - 3PM (Monday-Thursday) and full day (8AM - 3PM) on Fridays for students attending Summer School. You may also sign up for extended hours (3PM - 6PM) if you so need. 

Can my child bring a phone, tablet or MP3 player to camp?

Answer: Campers are kept active and engaged all day long. They should not bring in any electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, or gaming/music devices. If your camper is seen using electronics during the day, the camp director will take the device and store in a safe and secure location onsite. The device will be returned to the parent/guardian and camper at the time of departure. 

Will my child be in the sun all day?

Answer: No. Our activities have a balance of both indoor and outdoor fun. Tents will be set up outdoors for activities and water will always be available at each tent. Other activities will be inside, either in classrooms, the auditorium, or cafeteria.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

Answer: All children need to wear socks and sneakers every day. Kids are active at camp, no dresses or skirts please. Every child should bring in a reusable water bottle clearly labeled with their name in permanent ink. Parents are also encouraged to send in sunscreen in a clearly labeled Zip-Lock-type bag and include directions for use. No spray-on sunscreen, please!

Can my child choose any of the activities?

Answer: Yes. Every Friday is Free Choice Friday. Campers can choose which activities they would like to participate in with their friends! 

What should my child wear for ice skating?

Answer: Kids should bring a pair of long pants and a sweat shirt to put on over their summer clothes. Socks are required by Twin Rinks.  A bike-type helmet is required.

What should my child wear and bring for beach day?

Answer: Kids should wear their bathing suit under their clothes and bring a change of clothes. They should bring a towel and hat and sunscreen is advisable. Only Red Cross certified lifejackets will be allowed. No “swimmies”, inflatables or beach toys are permitted.

Is Summer Escape a licensed camp?

Answer: Yes. Summer Escape Camp is licensed by the Camp Division of the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.

Does my child qualify for a camp scholarship?

Answer: Only Enfield residents who qualify for the school Free / Reduced Lunch Program may request scholarship assistance and you must submit a Financial Assistance Form with your enrollment. This form is available on our website and in our office.


*Subsidized rates are available for Enfield Students who receive the free/reduced school meals.

Parent Handbook


Health Assessment Record

ERfC Registrar will email additional forms after initial registration is started.

Summer Escape TENTATIVE Bus Stops & Times (times subject to change without notice by Smyth Bus Company):
Enfield Street School - 1318 Enfield Street - 7:34 AM & 3:19 PM
Alcorn School - 1010 Enfield St. -  7:38 AM & 3:15 PM
St. Adalbert Church Parking Lot - 90 Alden Ave. - 7:44 AM & 3:08 PM
Angelo Lamanga Activity Center - 19 North Main Street -7:47 AM & 3:11 PM
All students using the bus service must be signed up to do so. Please contact mychild@erfc.us with any questions.

Counselors-in-Training (CITs) at Summer Escape are an integral part of our program. Each CIT will be placed with a team or activity to learn how to work with children. Under the guidance of our CIT Director, CITs will learn about team building, songs and games to play with students and have the opportunity to learn about working with students. CITs receive training, a t-shirt and experience. This three year program is designed to provide a progression in responsibility working at Summer Escape. Come join the fun!! Email info@erfc.us to learn more!